About Us

With a passion beyond explanation to help as many homeless, helpless animals as humanly possible, our journey began. In March 2011, our dream of Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue, Inc became a reality. On a small farm in Logan County, Kentucky countless dogs now find their own heaven on earth.


 The four founders came together from their respective involvement in local animal shelters. They saw on a daily basis that lack of space resulted in perfectly healthy animals being euthanized, and they have made it their life’s work to give these amazing animals another option.


 Starting out with three 10′ x 10′ kennels, the urgent mission of slowing down the euthanasia rate in our area began. As of July, 2013, the Rescue has expanded from the three original kennels to a 30′ x 60′ insulated building, known as the Lodge, where the dogs are housed in 10′ x 20′ indoor/outdoor kennels. We also have seven summer 10′ x 10′ or 10′ x 20′ kennels. This truly is heaven on earth to dogs because of our two large, well-manicured play yards where the dogs are able to romp and run all day long.



Charlie – went to rescue in NY Feb -11

Our first two dogs that came in to our rescue were Jane and Charlie. Charlie, pictured right, was heartworm positive when he came to us. When Charlie was still at the local shelter he was tested for heartworms when a rescue was interested in pulling him. When he turned up heartworm positive, the rescue was unable to help him and he was left at the shelter for several weeks. With the sponsorship and help from our rescue Charlie got the treatment and rest he needed and is now in his forever home in NY.



Jane – adopted March 12th -11

Jane, pictured left, was being fostered by one of our rescue members. One of the sweetest dogs that we have ever met finally found her forever home at our first adoption event as a rescue on March 12th -11. These two were our starting dogs and we are hoping that we can save many many more from being euthanized due to over population.


Now, just over three years later, we are proud to say that we have saved more than 600 wonderful and deserving animals, and still counting.



Focus Areas:


Save animals from being euthanized

  • Offer an alternative to taking an unwanted pet to the shelter
  • Regularly visit local shelters to rescue as many dogs as we have space for
  • Respond to emergency requests from local shelters when they are faced with lack of space giving them no alternative but to euthanize

Provide appropriate veterinary care

  • Rescued animals are fully vetted prior to coming to HCW
  • Animals in a shelter environment are exposed to various diseases and many times need special medical treatment to ensure they are healthy
  • The Rescue has the ability through fundraising to treat animals with life threatening illnesses (such as parvovirus and heartworms) that would go untreated in a shelter or make a treatable animal a candidate for euthanasia

Re-home rescued animals into suitable and loving homes

  • All dogs are rehabilitated to a healthy, adoptable condition
  • When dogs are adoptable, they are showcased on Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet, Facebook, and our website
  • Potential adopters fill out an application and their references are verified and their proposed living arrangements are matched against the dog they are interested in adopting to ensure it is a good fit for both the adopter and the adoptee
  • HCW dogs are permanently rescued. They enjoy their life here for as long as it may take to find them the perfect home.

Work to reduce overpopulation of dogs in our area

  • All of our dogs are spayed and neutered as soon as they are healthy enough and old enough.
  • The need to spay and neuter is emphasized on our website and at all public events in which we participate
  • Rescued several expectant mothers (who all appeared to have had several litters) and had them spayed as soon as their puppies were weaned.

Educate the community on responsible pet ownership

  • Educate about the benefits of vaccinations
  • Emphasize how critical it is to spay/neuter
  • Educate on what humane treatment of pets entails