Adopted Dogs

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Adopted November 7, 2017

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! After nearly two years with us, Julep has found the most loving home we could've ever hoped for! If you remember JuJu was scheduled to be euthanized when we pulled her from a shelter in July 2016. Josh and his son felt like it was time to love another rescue dog after their aging, faithful companion passed away in October of last year. They fell in love with Julep from the second they met her and the feeling was mutual. Julep has settled in nicely in her new home with a family to cuddle with every night. We would like to thank the generous donor who sponsored Julep's adoption as well as the Moore family for choosing to adopt. Thank you Julep for teaching us about strength and resiliency. Our hearts are so full, we've been waiting on this day for Julep for quite sometime! There's no doubt she hit the jackpot! #HCWDogs Lots of people have followed Julep's story so feel free to SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!



Adopted November 7, 2017

Our sweet little Annie has been adopted!! She and her new brother hit it off immediately!! We are so happy for her and her new family!!! 🐾🐶




Shelby Sue

Adopted October 1, 2017

Ok, so Shelby Sue has totally won the hearts of her new parents. She is totally going to be pampered like she has never been before. Thank you for adopting this sweet girl?? #hcwdogrescue #beaglesrock



Adopted September 21, 2017

So happy to announce that BoBo has officially left the building!!! He is going to have a wonderful life with his new dad and family!!



Adopted August 31, 2017

!!!!ADOPTED!!!! Zoey is headed north with the most amazing new family!! So happy that they found each other!! #hcwdogs #everyonesmiles



Adopted August 20, 2017

*ADOPTED* Look at Vida with her new family!!! This little lady right here was an amazing gift that arrived at our rescue back in April. She gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies, who have all found homes and we can officially say the entire family is now beginning their real adventure. Vida now Sandy is going to have such a wonderful life with her new family!! Vida thanks for everything now it's your turn to celebrate!! We love you!! ❤️😍🐾🐶 #beaglesrock #hcwdogs #spayandneuter



Adopted September 3, 2017

*ADOPTED* Boy these 2 are sure going to have a grand life of adventure together!! We are so happy for both new mom Bonnie and Aria.. Talk about 2 that were meant for each other!!!! #adoptdontshop #rescuesrock #HCWDogs


Buckie Biggs

Adopted August 27, 2017

Well happy Gotcha Day (back in August) Buckie. We have gotten several updates and Buck is doing wonderful in his forever home. #hcwdogrescue #latealways #muttsrule



Adopted August 9, 2017

ADOPTION ALERT. It's official, Jolene is settled into her new home all the way in Miami, Florida! After a month of screening Henry & Rose made the drive to Heaven Can Wait to meet JoJo and it was love at first sniff! JoJo is in a home with incredible resources for a Malinois to thrive. She will be starting her work in agilities and lure courses soon! Congrats JoJo! #HCWDogs

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